Online Businesses Top Priority: How To Optimize A Landing Page


optimize a landing page is very important. Now, that your landing page is fully operational and running, your top priority at this point of time is to see that it delivers the desired outcome, whether is has acquired tremendous feedbacks, click-throughs or generated amazing conversion results. Or, maybe you want to test the effectiveness of your landing page by creating another version to compare which one performs better or has encouraged a call-to-action on the part of the visitor or earned the most satisfying price points. These are some of the issues that may be bothering you, so here is a quick guide on how you can fully optimize your existing landing page:

 Attach social media shared buttons

Be sure to set-up social sharing links to your landing page in order to cover a bigger percentage of potential clients. Social media sites have been popular in spreading through word of mouth about what is new, hot or trendy at the moment, so if you make your landing page easily accessible to these social networking sites, then, you have more chances of getting your voice be heard in the communities where your target buyers thrive most.

Optimize the use of tweets in your shared links

One social site that is gaining popularity and draws more followers is the Tweeter. Customizing your tweets will allow you to give clearer information or updates of anything you have to offer to your targeted individuals and this serves a great tool for your visitors to either sign-up for it or download it. Keep in mind that even though you are only limited to tweet in 140 characters, you can always include in your tweet the following:

–          An @ Mention of your company is essential for your branding awareness campaign and this is a better way to relay your messages or offers.

–          Include a name or use a clear description of your offer about the real benefits that any viewer could get from reading your tweet.

–          Attach a link in your tweets for you to lead more visitors back to your landing page.

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Use a good lead nurturing campaign

Although, your landing page is performing at its best at this time, your marketing campaign doesn’t end there. You have to continuously update your lead nurturing campaign strategies and find out which among your leads are responding positively. There should be proper timing and targeting. You should act fast in your lead generation plans and don’t wait too long. For example, it is better to send an email within a day to any visitor who had browsed your site that may eventually lead to consumer conversion rates.

Conduct the A/B testing

In most cases, A/B testing is conducted to see the overall performance of a landing page, how online users may respond to the two versions created for testing and what are the means needed to do the refinement of the various elements of your landing page. All these actions are done to assess the usability, conversion rates and return on investment (ROI) of your landing page. The A/B testing will lead you to a wiser conclusion on which is doing better and giving the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rates. A/B testing can be done on the following elements: content, offer, title or heading and banners. The use of colors may also affect the success of a landing page or the type of images shown could dictate the call-to-action on the user. For example, using a bold color outside your color scheme may attract one’s attention or may cause distraction resulting to the user leaving your landing page. Keep in mind that when performing the A/B testing, only one element should be tested during the entire testing process, so that you will arrive into a more verifiable result. To check if your testing is relevant you can use the free A/B testing calculator available online for your quick access.

Bring your users to the “thank-you page”

Your next move is direct your users to the “thank-you page” where they may perform the call-to-action response or avail other offers. Include in your “thank-you page” the heading of your offer to prevent any confusion on the user. The “thank-you page” may be in the form of a link to the PDF of a whitepaper or it can be a downloadable video. Again, it must also have shared links to social media sites for them to easily share whatever they have watched, read or signed-up with their circle of friends or group in a specific community. Don’t forget at the end part of your “thank-you page”, you can either include a call-to-action which may be: sign-up for a 30 day free trial or a subscription to your newsletter or blogs.



Improving your existing landing page takes a lot of planning, assessment and thorough testing to check which among your landing page elements need major refinements or changes. Always evaluate first the overall performance of your landing page and if along the way you have found out that it’s doing poorly beyond your expectations, be open to further developments wherein your main concern should always be focused on the entire experience of the viewer during his/her visit to your landing page. Bear in mind that your main target in any landing page is to transform any first time viewer into a potential consumer. Is your landing page ready for optimization? If you haven’t started doing this move, this is your chance to design your landing page based on the general behavior of your users. Think positive and soon you will be getting those quality lead and conversion rates.

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