how to Optimize Your Images for web without losing quality

Optimize Your Images

One of the best ways to speed up a WordPress website would be to Optimize Your Images. Once a picture has been optimized, its file size will be smaller, and therefore, faster to load.

In regards to optimizing the images on a WordPress website, among the easiest ways to do this is to install a plugin. Luckily, there are lots of picture optimization plugins on the market, but which one should you choose?
One of the best options is WP Compress, a freemium plugin that is not just simple to use however, is also very efficient at optimizing images to reduce their file size without noticeably reducing their quality. Once you’ve installed the plugin, you are able to optimize up to 50 images on your site in just a few clicks. Following that, you’ll want to purchase some extra credits, but with prices beginning at just $5 a month, it is surely an inexpensive means to enhance the speed of your WordPress site.

So in case you have not sped up your website by optimizing its images however, or you’ve tried other picture compression plugins and not been pleased with the results, this WP Compress review should be of interest.


What Can WP Compress Do?

As mentioned, the objective of the WP Compress plugin would be to Optimize Your Images in your WordPress site so as to improve loading times. Here are its Most Important features that enable you to compress your images in several different ways:

Ability to optimize all existing site images in one click.
Auto-pilot mode to Optimize Your Images whenever they’re added to your website.

Three levels of compression to Select from.
Over-compression protection to prevent reducing the quality of images.
CDN access to store your image files around the world for quicker loading times.

Ability to resize the size of images over a certain size.
Capability to animate images to their first state.
Quick preview way to compare a picture before and after optimization.
Optimize around 50 images for free with the option of paying $5 per month to get more credits.

But as this WP Compress review will reveal, this plugin includes lots of features that power users and people who want more control over how their pictures are compressed will appreciate.


How to Boost Your Pictures with WP Compress

So with that in mind, let’s walk through the process of using WP Compress to Optimize Your Images on a WordPress website and find out what sort of results you may count on.


Installing and Activating WP Compress

Since WP Compress can initially be employed to optimize your images at no cost, it is available from the official WordPress Plugin Directory and may be set up from within your WordPress dashboard.
Although WP Compress is free to use to compress up to 50 files, you Must make an account to start optimizing the pictures on your WordPress website. Happily, registering with WP Compress only requires a few seconds, however you do have to offer an email address which you must confirm.

As soon as you’ve activated your account, you can find the API key to paste into your WordPress dash to begin using the plugin.
In its attempt to Simplify the procedure for optimizing WordPress website graphics, WP Compress comes pre-assembled using the recommended settings. This ought to help the plugin attract anyone who wants to accelerate their own WordPress site in this manner but is reluctant to invest time in learning a new technology, system, or instrument. With WP Compress, you simply install and activate the plugin and then let it run on its default settings.

As you can see, the WP Compress control panel is superbly and Obviously designed. As a result of this, it’s simple to understand, and for convenience, most of the settings are available from 1 page. If you’d like to know more about some of the options and settings, they are all accompanied by a tooltip that provides additional information about each controller.
Through the control panel, you can choose from three Optimization levels which enable you to ascertain how much compression will be applied to your images. While the Ultra compression style is going to lead to the smallest file sizes possible, the quality of your images might suffer, at least in contrast to Lossless compression style.

However, To help you discover the appropriate degree, you can preview the different compression levels and reverse any optimizations which have had a harmful impact on image quality.
You can also empower another features such as lazy loading to Prevent images from being loaded till they are in the customer’s viewport, the CDN support which uploads your pictures to a global system for faster page loads, and also the choice to back up your images to the cloud.


Assessing Your Pictures with WP Compress

Whether you Accept the default settings or learn more about the configuration options, the next step in speeding up your WordPress website with WP Compress is to Optimize Your Images any current images. For brand new websites, this measure might not be necessary, but for websites which have been running for a while, there is sure to be some images that may benefit from being compressed.

As Previously Mentioned, you can use WP Compress to Boost up to 50 images for Free before you want to purchase any credits. Consequently, if your website is relatively new or doesn’t use many pictures, this allowance may suffice.

We’ll pay for the pricing details in more depth later on, However, to give you an notion of just how much WP Compress prices to use, the entry-level program begins at $5 a month and allows you to maximize 500 pictures a month also includes an additional 1,000 picture credit bonus that will assist you begin.

Once you hit the optimization button, then the plugin will scan your WordPress networking library looking for images to compress. The work takes place in the background but there’s a convenient position icon to let you know the progress of the optimization. When the job is finished, and the images have been compressed, then you can view the stats to see how much you have saved concerning file size.

During testing for this WP Compress review, the plugin was able to decrease the file sizes of the unoptimized pictures by a fantastic amount without visibly affecting their quality. The plugin dashboard includes a compression record panel that lets you see at a glance what work WP Compress has already been performing each time you’ve added new pictures to your website.


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Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this inspection has introduced you to some new approach to accelerate your WordPress site.

WP Compress is very easy to use while also still being able to effectively optimize your images so as to reduce their file size. Thanks to features such as over-compression protection, three levels of compression to choose from, a fast way to compare pictures before and after they’ve been optimized, and a trailer application, this plugin is a good selection for anybody who wants more control on how their pictures are altered.

On the other hand, the auto-pilot mode and one-click optimization characteristics of WP Compress make this plugin equally suitable for people who wish to speed up their website with very little effort required.
The sole issue that might hold someone back from using this plugin is arguably the fact that it is not a totally free solution. Yes, it is possible to compress up to 50 images for free, but past that, you must pay to use WP Compress. However, with prices beginning as low as $5 per month, in addition to the great-value lifetime alternatives which are available at the time of writing, WP Compress could actually be a very cost-effective approach to speed up your website and avoid frustrating your visitors with slow loading times.

In case you’re looking for another means to improve the speed of your website and make your pictures load faster, WP Compress comes highly recommended.




The WP Compress plugin gives you a powerful yet easy way to maximize the pictures on a WordPress website for faster loading times.

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