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One evening, last winter, me, and my friend Lenin were sitting together in the living room. We were just having fun and surfing the net. Lenin visited my blog and he was amazed to see a large number of followers within a few months of launching. He was really excited and became curious about the matter.

“What’s your secret?” He asked me.

“It’s magic!” I smiled.

He insisted me and I shared my magical tools with him.

“Do you know about SEO?”

“Of course! It’s Search Engine Optimization.” Lenin looked confident.

“Yah! This is the first thing you have to concentrate. You can let the world know about your blog by optimizing it to Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. You should link back your blog anywhere across the web to establish your presence. This can assure you a number of new audiences rapidly. Again, you can do this by dropping links to your website to the social bookmarking sites; StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit and others. It will help to increase the visibility of your blog and guide a active reader community towards your site.”

I paused. Lenin wanted to know more.

“Ok. There are some strong factors to help optimizing your blog for search. You must have an account in the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr etc. Your each new blog link can be your Facebook status, or you can simply tweet about the latest blog to notify your followers. The friends and followers will rush to your blog and you will be able to create an online community.

I should tell you more about the usefulness of online community. Your blog may have contents of specific niche (niche means the very core part of a whole thing, for example, gardening is a greater issue. Roof gardening in summer is a niche). Then you have a targeted audience. This group has interest about an unusual topic which is not available everywhere. Your blog could be their favorite one. They will visit yours regularly.”

We had a Tea break and then discussed the policy of attracting people to a new blog again.

“Friend, one thing just came to mind that you can offer contests for the visitors with exciting prices as I do. This leads different types of people to your blog. Once they like it, they will follow it.”


“That’s brilliant! What else do you do?”

I continued, “You should make a sense of personal interaction with your followers. Let them feel that you care for them. Comment is a great factor here. You get feedback of the readers directly from those comments. So, be kind about their demands and expectations, you would be gainer”.

“I always visit the similar types of blogs of my counterparts. I get new ideas there and try to improve that. I invite them to my one, share my link and idea. This open door policy helped me too much to enlarge the size of my followers. “

Lenin added, “But, what about the quality?”

“This is the most vital point, no doubt! All these policy will run only if your writing possesses a sound quality. Be a perfectionist, be a researcher. Be honest and dedicated to your readers. Check and recheck your content. Publish it only when it seems to be the best of your ability. You can allow a friend to evaluate it before publishing publicly.”

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“Is that all, friend?”

“Last but not the least, chose a catchy title for your resourceful writing so that people are attracted to your blog like a metal to a magnet”.

“Thanks, dear!”

Lenin followed my tips and he is now enjoying plenty of followers and admirers of his blog. I feel proud to know my suggestions were effective.

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