26 Strategies For Writing Compelling Blogs

learn the 26 strategies for writing compelling blogs

Do you have a blog corner on your website? Are you having enough followers or encountering difficulty of your blog posts being shared or liked? If you think you are performing poorly with your blogging intentions, then, time to learn the secret steps on how to write compelling blogs all the time from this author, Debbie Hemley.

Without keeping you long, here is a summarized version of the original 26 tips. Take time reading them and hopefully before you know it you will be writing your next blogs like a professional blogger.

“ 26 tips for writing great blog posts
1. Anatomically Correct
2. Blogging Platform
3. Categories
4. Description
5. Editorial Calendar
6. Fine-Tune and Revise
7. Guideline for Writing for Search Engines
8. Headings
9. Images
10. Journalistic Approach
11. Killer SEO and Blog Design
12. Lists
13. Metrics for Blogging
14. Names, Titles and Bio
15. Original vs. Curated Content
16. Publish and Promote
17. Questions
18. Research
19. Stand Out
20. Title
21. User-Centered Content
22. Valuable Content
23. Word Count
24. (E)xcerpt
25. Your Story
26. Zone for Writing”


Top advice:

Even adept bloggers need to get some inspiration and concentrate well before they could come up with compelling blogs. If you are not born to become a writer, you still have a future in writing once you have mastered the pointers on what makes an individual a better writer.

Learn how to write effectively by following the above 26 steps and in case you failed on your first draft, don’t be discouraged, but, rather, practice until you become more at ease into blog writing. There is always a first time for everyone and you might even discover your talents in writing need some polishing.

Lastly, find a great venue where you mind will be cleared from distractions or noises and start your blog writing.

Main Resource: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/26-tips-for-writing-great-blog-posts/

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