9 Rules That Every Entrepreneur Must Follow: Online Branding Awareness Campaign

Online Branding Awareness Campaign

Do you have an online business? How’s your website performing when it comes to your branding awareness campaign?  Keep in mind for today’s more advanced technologies, having a business logo or catchy slogan isn’t enough to stay ahead of the competition.

Changes also take place on the online community and if you are not aware of these new developments you might end up at the back of the limelight. Same goes to the rules set to any online branding campaign. New rules have been applied to branding online, so that every internet business owner can level up and play fairly.

Here are the 9 rules of branding your business online:

Be an active member of social media sites

If you have a Facebook page or Twitter account, don’t just start a conversation and be the end of this activity. You must be an active member of that particular social networking site. Remember, social media has a big influence to the success of you branding campaign and if you don’t know how to manage your social account effectively you will loose a huge number of real followers who may contribute to your business. Update your fan page with relevant posts and make sure you respond quickly to any direct messages sent by your customers. The more you become involved and engaging the more you build your consumer’s trust, since this is an integral part of your branding motives.

Present yourself as someone with expertise

Nowadays, building your brand awareness online needs a lot of hard work and visibility. You don’t just let your logo stay on your web page. You need to bring your message to the entire web community. How can you do that? Present yourself as someone with expertise in a certain field like a credible business coach and providing them an introduction of what you can offer, either in the form of video clips on your site. Perhaps, you focus on joining professional organizations related to your business or attend conferences where the opportunity of increasing your network is huge.

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Focus on something else rather than on your brand

Instead of using all your time and energy on personalizing your brand to get more followers, why not focus on something else like redesigning your business website that will lead to more people being aware of your name. Unless, you are really famous like Steve Jobs personal brand on the Apple products which is a well-known brand, concentrate more on what you can offer and your branding campaign will just follow on its own course as more consumers are convinced that you have something valuable to offer the public.

Go for consistency

Don’t be afraid to experiment when it comes to branding online. Sometimes, even if you had that business name for a long time, but it’s not working according to your expectations you may need to change it or rebrand in order to see more results or client responses. Evaluate how your existing brand performs in the market and choose a name that will offer consistency with regards to the traffic coming to your website.

Be creative when targeting your niche

With many competitors flooding the marketplace, the best move that any entrepreneur can do is focus on creativity to distinguish your business from the rest, even if you have the same type of product or service to offer. Be aware of the consumer’s behavior. For example, on the toothpaste product, there are many brands to choose from. How can you introduce your toothpaste brand and make a client buy. Know what are they looking for their toothpaste like good cavity protector, then focus on that need and include that on your campaign.

Create an impressive “About Us” page

Some websites disregard the importance of the “About Us” page, but this is the first thing that an online user may come across when visiting a website. Create an impressive “About Us” page that will provide the readers everything they need to know about your business and how they could contact you easily. Some website owners include their personal website links to help their consumers know more about them and how genuine their companies are.

Include social media on your website

To increase your website traffic include social media by adding Facebook Like buttons, blog corner incorporated with appropriate keywords for your SEO targets and other links that will build your traffic generation campaign.

Manage your brand’s reputation

Another way to build your brand awareness campaign is by managing your reputation. Attend to complaints and negative feedbacks the soonest possible time. Don’t let an angry client’s issue be left unattended for several days without making a concrete action. Resolve the problem at once. You can use online tools to monitor your brand reputation like Google Alerts.


Post testimonials or listings of well-known companies associated with your business

There is no other way to build your client’s trust by showing them what you got like posting testimonials or listings of well-known companies who have partnered with your services. This action will not only increase your credibility, but also give the impression that your company is stable and a good provider. Whenever you update your posts, share customers any event or milestones that will grab their attentions.

There you have it, the 9 new sets of rules that will help you succeed on your online brand awareness campaign. Feel free to share your own experiences or feedback on your branding online activities.

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