20 Steps to a Winning Personal Brand


Today, the world as a whole, and the business world in particular, is changing in a rapid way. Competition is everywhere. In order to establish a firm position in the current world of competition, personal branding is essential. It is your promise of quality. It separates you from your peers, your counterparts, and your competitors.  So, personal branding is a learning skill to refine and redesign your policy and proficiency to improve as best as you can.

People remain confused about how should they get started, how can they expand their branding, how can they leverage the relationships with the customers, and questions like this.

We are here now to show you the ultimate ways to succeed in the new world economy, reach your professional goals, and surpass your competition to clarify your unique features.

Step # 1:

Buy your favorite domain name before Personal Branding:

At first, you have to buy the domain name you need. You may get hints from various kinds of websites, for instance atoz.com, firstnamelastname.com etc. Your name should match with your branding. Chose a professional name!

Step # 2:

Register all the social media handle:

Social Media is the most powerful tool to direct you to the pave of success. You should take full advantages of this media. Register your social media handle on each of the available sites now. If you are delayed, you may remain deprived. Don’t let other people get it before you!

How to do it? Create a custom URL on LinkedIn. This is done simply from your profile page; as an example, “LinkedIn.com/in/xyz.com” is better branding–and much more professional–than “LinkedIn.com/#/US42_3907564/user/998”.3.

Step # 4:

Create A Custom Facebook Landing Page:

You can do it to attract the first-time visitors of your Facebook page. Follow the below steps to do so:

  • Edit your page under “Manage Permissions”
  • Set the page as your Default Landing Tab

At the same time the custom URL should include your brand name rather than “Facebook.com/php?id/18753578998”.

Step # 5:

Concentrate on your profile information:

This is also very important before start personal brand. Be careful to present yourself and your brand in the profile or “about me” section. Introduce both of you and the brand in a brief, but innovative way.

Step # 6:

Insert a professional photograph:

Your image is going to give people an idea about yourself. You are the person to represent the brand. In some cases, you play the role of a brand ambassador. So, keep it in mind and get a professional and perfect image.

Step # 7:

Develop you business pitch:

Put a short description of your aims, and objectives, your target, and policies, your business motto, and morale etc. This helps to develop the sense what differentiates you from others. Remember, your personal blog tag line should reflect your vision.

Step # 8:

Promote your business slogan everywhere:

Make sure that the short business pitch is regarded front and center consistently. Try to highlight the personal statement of your brand everywhere possible. This would help to increase the social media reach of your brand.

Step # 9:

Mark Everything You Do with Your Brand:

Always take advantage of any given situation to link between your brand and the project. Whether you participate in a meeting, a seminar, or a business trip, write a report, or public presentation, each time focus on your brand.

Step # 10:

Print a perfect business card:

Business card is going to represent your personal brand in a professional way. It helps to flourish your business community. Chose a perfect design for your business card. You can either choose those from the websites like VistaPrint.com or Smartlevels.com, or get it done from a professional designer.

Step # 11:

Join as many LinkedIn Groups as you can:

LinkedIn groups are excellent perform for professional peoples. Join at least 10 to 15 groups. These may vary from your present occupation to your once alma mater.

Step # 12:

Try to participate in Twitter Chats:

Here is Twitter with there unique application. You are suggested to participate at least 2/3 Twitter chats every week. For instance, #jobhuntchat on Mondays and #HFChat on Fridays.

Step # 13:

Interact with people:

Try to know the people around you are standing among, your peers, and competitors. Visit their blogs, leave comments there, participate in discussions, and share your opinion with them.

Step # 14:

Build strong personal network:

Remember one thing, you can reach a great social media network online, but personal network is more influential. So, try to attend the networking events in your community regularly.

Step # 15:

Be helpful:

This is the quality going to serve you better than you could imagine. Networking is not the last word, the way you maintain it is most important. Focus on creating a friendly and cooperative image for your brand.

Step # 16:

Follow up:

It’s again about drawing a kind impression to your targeted audiences. For example, input a “follow-up plan” that includes an “I am pleased to meet you”; “here’s something you’d find interesting”; “feel free to contact with me” etc format to show your courtesy.

Step # 17:


Your brand will win the heart of people only when you can make them realize that they care for them. Make them know how precious they are to you. Remain engaged with them through sharing and caring.

Step # 18:

Get Connected:

The connectors and subscribers could be the best supporter of your brand. Try to grow a trustworthy, reliable, and constant place to the hearts of your clients. Connection is the key to expand your branding.

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Step # 19:

Focus and evaluate:

Now, you have to be clever enough to evaluate your branding policy. Among all the present connections, you have to focus on the most influential ones. Handle those relationships with little more care.

Step # 20:

Maintain the connections:

Don’t always rush to build new networks while ignoring the present existing contacts. Maintenance is more important than importing fresh connections. Keep in mind the influential links of your list and keep in touch with those regularly.

“20 steps to a winning personal brand” ends here. This is the simplest tips to create, expand, and improve your personal branding. You can write to me if you further need any help or suggestion. Thank you all.

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