How Small Businesses Boost Their Facebook Edgerank Position?

Boost Their Facebook Edgerank Position

If your motive of posting contents on your Facebook page is to attract more individuals to see it, then, these 13 steps shared by simplyzesty is very timely because it will surely give you an idea on how to level up your Facebook Edgerank.

“13 ways to increase the number of people seeing your content:

1.      Be consistent
2.      Keep it short and concise
3.      The power of imagery
4.      Quality over Quantity
5.      Don’t delete posts
6.      Understand the weight of actions
7.      Study insights
8.      Time your posts
9.      Ask questions
10.   Respond to comments
11.   Create albums
12.   Cross-promote
13.   Pay to promote

It’s the aim of any social media page to have your content seen by as many people as possible. However, in the case of Facebook, the greater number of fans you have on your page, the harder you will have to work to ensure that your content features regularly.”

Want to know more how to put the above steps into action? Just follow the given link below. I’m pretty sure by the end of this post you will have a better understanding on how you can maximize your posts on your Facebook page.

Top advice:

Evaluate your current Facebook performance report. Ask yourself, “Are you getting enough responses or results that you are aiming for this effort of posting contents? If your plan is to ensure that the content that you post at your Facebook page will stir a fan’s attention to read it, like it and provide a comment afterwards, then, do everything within your power to achieve this objective.


Determine what compels a follower to hit the “like” or “share” button. Is it dependent on a catchy slogan or an interesting photo that you have shared? Find out the answers and apply your final assessment on your next content. Be totally creative when it comes to managing your Facebook posts because this will help be seen in a different way and level up your Edgerank status.

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