Are You Crazy? Cool, You Have A Good Future In SEO

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Contributed by SEO professional Kumail Hemani of Caliber Dubai.

SEO is becoming everyone’s greatest nightmare these days. While people are trying to keep up with the new strategies of SEO, Google is busy improvising its tactics.


Anyway, so what can you do to help boost your SEO and make a difference? Here are 3 tactics that will make a huge effect but beware!!! These are some crazy tactics.

Be Different:

If every stall on the street is selling apple, what gives your apple cart the edge? Nothing… But if every stall on street was selling apples, but you my dear fellow, sold oranges, wouldn’t that give you an edge over all other?

We all know that websites have come a long way since what they were a few years back. There are sites for pretty much everything these days and there are blogs for everything. Like literally everything. Oh you think I am kidding? Go on search for “constipation and puppies” or perhaps “my granny farts a lot” and then you will know that I sure am not kidding.

To get attention, you have to be different.

Create Curiosity:

Curiosity is a great tool in web marketing. It can do wonders. It makes a lot of sense you know. Why would anyone want to read your blog or be on your site if they already know what it is about or what it means? But they would be interested in knowing something they don’t clearly know about.
5 Online Marketing Strategies that you not know.

Makes sense, right?

On the web, create curiosity to such a level that it grabs anyone who puts a glance on it.

When you create curiosity, people get bound to know more and more about it. They won’t get a good night sleep unless they have truly cleared the curiosity you have created. This makes them stay on your page for a long time, like really long 🙂

Be Weird:

People are getting bored with daily normal stuff. They know how to boil an egg but if you boiled an egg perhaps in sunlight instead of stove, now that would catch attention.

Have you noticed how weird stuff revolves faster than a sober content? Put a man to singing and you get 10% traffic, put a man singing in a women’s voice and you get 50% traffic but if you put a cat meowing a melody, watch how your site traffic boosts.

Nothing attracts people more than a weird, goofy and silly stuff.

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