7 Sure Steps To Promote Your Blog Effectively

steps to promote your blog effectively

Creating a quality blog and Promote Your Blog isn’t the end of your journey. You still need to find ways on how this particular content would reach as many readers as possible including your target audience. How to manage this objective is a combination of your dedication and following these 7 sure steps to promoting your blog effectively.

Add a link to your blog

Add a link to your blog preferably in the menu navigation of your website.

Provide a call-to-action move on your homepage

You can always add your blog’s RSS feed directly to your homepage. The main goal is to give every online user the impression that reading your blog will surely benefit them in the end.

Make a call-to-action when promoting your blog

The call-to-action must be placed above the page’s fold and not on the bottom because online users would not take much effort if they still need to scroll down just to see that call-to-action. You can use HubSpot’s Visits by Page tool to check your most visited pages.

Use email marketing for Promote Your Blog

This is also a cost-effective promotional strategy to promote your blog, sending out email messages to all prospective clients. Motivate them to subscribe and provide some insights on what to expect on your future blog posts. Email marketing is an efficient move to start building a closer relationship among your target crowd and reach out for them through your blogs.

Create a “Thank you” page

Every website should have a “Thank you” page to gather more relevant leads at the end of the day. Here are some techniques where you can display your blog:

List articles that are relevant to the landing page.
Entice a call-to-action to the visitor to read your blog.
Include a RSS feed on your blog’s content.
Create a call-to-action where anyone can subscribe to your blog.
Try social media
Share your blogs to social media platforms for wider coverage and more chances of your blogs being shared to a bigger community. For example, link your blog to your LinkedIn profile and email signature. Request friends, family members and other people to share your blogs to social networking sites they are active members. Promote your blogs whenever opportunity knocks your way like in Twitter or Facebook.

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Subscribe everyone in your circle

Whether, they are your employees, family members or friends, subscribe them to your blog to start a conversation and let more people learn about your offers. The more individuals getting to know you, your blog section and business, the bigger are the chances of your blogs being read and shared. If you really want to see positive results on your marketing efforts for your blogs, promote on a weekly basis, so that you have higher possibilities of increasing your website traffic and improving your lead generation campaign figures.

7 Sure Steps To Promote Your Blog Effectively

Top advice

Blogging can be your marketing tool to advertise your business and build a credible image among your target audience as someone wise, genuine and in every sense trustworthy enough to do business with. Create a detailed marketing plan on how you can maximize your blogging efforts.
The goal is to ensure your blog gets to your target reader and it inspire them to make a direct call-to-action move, either by sharing your blog to others or staying on your website to browse your other web pages.
I do hope you did find some helpful tips on how to promote your blog. If by any chance you need some more blogging tips, feel free to drop by anytime, for we never stop in helping you realize your dreams on making it big on the web community. Share your thoughts with us.

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