4 Awesome Tips: How To Put Your Facebook Marketing Strategy In The Right Place

Put Your Facebook Marketing Strategy In The Right Place

Are you thinking of going serious with your Facebook marketing strategy? If your efforts at this point of time aren’t performing well, have you done research where you lack concentration or where to put your time, energy and money? An effective Facebook marketing strategy needs to work alongside your entire marketing plan.

How to do this goal? Well, just got here 4 awesome tips on how to put your Facebook marketing in the right place:

Determine your vision

Every plan whether it is intended for your business or marketing motives starts with a vision. Ask yourself, “What do you want to gain in return with your activities on Facebook?” Most entrepreneurs would agree in one particular goal and that is to increase their sales profit.

Now, that you have a clear direction, you can move forward with your marketing objectives such as:

    • – Improve your visibility by setting a targeted figure of new likes you acquire on your Facebook page for the next few months.
    • – Encourage a more engaged community by making sure you start a good introduction on what you have to offer and slowly build their trust rating on your Facebook page. You can track how many people who are engaged or loyal to your Facebook through the engagement metrics like the People Talking This Figure (PTAT).
    • – Showcase your credibility. Facebook is also a perfect venue to let other people particularly your targeted consumers see the “real” you, your achievements and your business as a whole. Impress them with your strong personality as someone with authority and knowledgeable insights.
    • – Improve your lead generation campaign. Again, Facebook can help you reach this goal. If you use email opt-in, you can generate more leads who may be interested with your offers. One excellent example to gather more leads is by hosting a unique contest and the winning prize is your featured product or service offer.
    – Motivate sales. This part may be a bit tricky, but with your own creativity, you can send out personal messages to your followers like posting a special link to your post. To monitor your efforts on this area, you can either set-up Google Analytics for conversions or Ad conversions if you are running an ad campaign on your Facebook page.

Conduct research before facebook marketing strategy

Conducting research for your Facebook marketing strategy is also vital and here are the areas that you need to focus:

    • – Your target audience and where they thrive most during the day.
    • – Present demographic which can be viewed at any Facebook page by just clicking the “Likes” button to get all the information needed.
    • – Your competitor. This is one are you need to concentrate most. Find out what your rivals are up to and you can start this task by looking on Google to search Facebook pages relevant to your niche.
    – Keep up with the latest trends happening in the Facebook community and use them on your Facebook page.

Schedule your Facebook activities in a timely manner

This is very necessary if you want to get better results on your Facebook marketing efforts. Once, your goals are finalized, make sure you have the time, energy and budget to carry on with your marketing plan. You can successfully achieve this goal by

doing the following:

    • – Make a detailed editorial calendar, so that every online activity you have in mind for the coming months are already scheduled. For example, if you already have a supply of quality posts and you want them to appear with intervals on your Facebook page, schedule them by setting the dates and time preference you wish them to go on live on your Facebook.
    – Set a daily activity planner. Some get frustrated because at the end of the day, there is no more time left to perform what needs to be done on their Facebook pages. Avoid putting yourself in this kind of scenario. Set a daily activity planner where you can list what you need to do with your Facebook like updating your profile, posting a blog or adding new photos of your new product catalog.

Evaluate your marketing efforts

Lastly, at the end of each day, week or months, sit down and review all your feedback reports of your Facebook marketing. If you have been using Facebook for quite some time I’m sure you are already used of receiving weekly reports from the facebook management. Evaluate your Facebook Insights, so that you will have a verifiable conclusion which among your posts is working according to your expectations. Check also your Engaged Users to view how many likes, shares, comments and link clicks were made by your followers and other online users.

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Facebook is really a good starting point to try your marketing strategies, but before you set your foot on this type of online marketing, check the tide and create a detailed plan on how you will execute all the necessary actions in order to succeed on this platform.

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Once, you have set your Facebook activities, take time to assess your efforts and if you feel one strategy isn’t making a hit among your target crowd, eliminate that approach and try another one. After all, it really takes a good gaming plan for you to win this battle.

Don’t let frustrations control your first base, try and try until you find the secret formula to success. Want to share your Facebook marketing strategy? We love to hear from you.

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