How the Free Content Offers Help to Educate Your Prospects

Content Offers Help to Educate Your Prospects

Let’s have an open debate:

Offering your prospects with free content in inbound marketing is good, or bad?

The most common answer would be, “it’s foolish to provide them with free content, as it reduces the chance of sales.”

From the very general point of view, it’s correct. If you give away free content and information that your paid products/services help solve, who’s going to pay money for it, isn’t it?

Thinking like this is the worst mistake you are committing!

This article is going to change your traditional idea about inbound marketing. You will learn how giving away free content to your prospective customers can actually educate the prospects about the products and services you offer and lead to more profit for your business.

Here are some examples of how the free content offers help to educate your prospects:

Building Trust On Your Brand:

Free offers always attract attention of the people. So, the primary advantage of this policy is that it allows people to spend some times with your brand. At the same time they get introduced to your business. If you posses a quality content, this will help to boost trust in and credibility for your brand. By assuring a positive impression, you can educate the potential prospects about your products and services. This will bring good result in the long run. They would possible start thinking of buying your paid services which would be equally useful to them.

Prospect and Customer Evangelism:

When your prospects will find your brand unique and excellent enough for their demand, they will start sharing those. You would find this content evangelism more helpful than ever. Sharing and promoting your content by the customers and the prospects both would work to generates brand awareness twice than earlier.

Increasing Traffic Rate:

It’s obvious! All these forces work in a chain method. Providing free offer makes people interest to you. If they find those helpful, they would start sharing the content and thus increase your traffic in various ways. It will increase the chance of your SEO and boost organic traffic. Again, promoting your content in the social media network would increase your referral traffic. Other offers like using content in paid marketing methods like email promotions, pay-per-click you’ll increase traffic from paid search and email marketing, at the same time.

Educating your Prospects:

If you want to transform your potential leads into loyal customers, you have to educate them first. The more they will know about business, the more they will get involved with you. Thus you can secure a great number of loyal customers. It is great because these groups of leads are going to lead themselves into leads voluntarily.


Customer Satisfaction:

Every business aims at not only making profits, but also serving their customer in a satisfactory way. Free content offers are the best way to do so. People feel free to purchase products and services well acquainted to them. They will get a clear idea about your brand and will happily spend money on them by this policy. Misconception, misunderstanding, and all other unpleasant cases will remain far away from your brand. A fair brand reputation will help you to lead the market. Well informed customers are the strongest catalyst beyond your direct network.

So, what will you say? Is Free Content offering is good business policy or nor?

I am sure, you know the right answer now!

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