7 Steps Ahead to an Effective Internet Marketing

Effective Internet Marketing

Hi, at the very beginning, let me ask you something. If I say, effective Internet marketing is simple, cost too little to nothing, and worthy to take a shortest period of time, would you really believe me? Most of the webmasters pay little attention on it as they just think they are too easy to be effective. This is the worst mistake they do. So, if you are loyal enough to follow my instructions, then go ahead. You will be the gainer.

You have to remember that the main theme of online marketing is to converting visitors into buyers. All you have to do is virtually, not with your physical influence. That’s why you need to be a little bit tricky, but in a brilliant way! Let’s discuss some vital steps ahead to an “Effective Internet Marketing”.

Step # 1

Chose a perfect design for your website:

This is the first thing a visitor knows about you. If he or she likes your website at a glance, he or she will spend some moments here. This is the high time to convince them into an interested party, finally into a buyer.


Chose the design of the website according to the type of your products.  Spend enough money for a good design. This is going to represent your brand quality.

Step # 2

Share your story:

You can earn trust and intimacy with the visitors by telling your story. This would help them to grow a feeling of personal interaction. There could be included a short note about each product, or a brief description about you company. When a customer is informed the background history of a business, it seems more reliable to him or her.


You can add a section “About Us” or “Know Us” etc. Here is your introduction corner. Make best use of it by choosing words carefully to represent you best.

Step # 3:

Add real photos and videos:

This step is also about achieving trust of the buyers. The best way to do it is adding a real photo to your website. This gives your business a humane look. The photos must look friendly, and descent.


Add photos of your product houses, group photos of staffs, the Officers, and products also. Let the people feel, “Oh! He is the CEO. Such a cool guy!” You can also insert videos to make it more dynamic.

Step # 4:

Add reviews and testimonials:

Be honest to provide testimonials of the customers. Always add good reviews, but real. This is very important factor to increase your sell. People always want to know about other’s opinion before making the decision of buying it finally. Good reviews with personal details would help you great.


Ask your customer’s to give you feedback in a generous way. Then sort out the best ones. Post them to your website. Some times inspire the customers to give review by offering a lottery or a surprise gift.

Step # 5:

Add “Call to Action” functions:

Now, let me tell you the funny thing about human psychology, some people always remains confused. Even when they like something, still they hesitate about whether to get it or not. Call to Action can help them to direct the way of purchasing.

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Here are some examples of CTA (Call To Action):

  • “Click Here”
  •  “Buy Now”
  •  “Stock Limited”
  • “Order Now and Get  a Free Gift”
  • “Offer Expires on…….”

These are the key words to overcome their dilemma and to make their decision immediately.

Step # 6

Offer a Guarantee:

People seeks guarantee. They feel free and secured if a product is tagged “Money Back Guarantee”, or “Free Servicing” etc. It gives them a sense of not being cheated. Customers overcome the final hurdle of spending their money on something which is guaranteed by the seller.


Put clear statements like, “If the customers are not satisfied with the service, they are welcomed to get back the value”. This simple and direct sentence can guarantee you with a number of customers, many times you expected.

Step # 7:

Be Brief and Straight Forward:

Remember, you must follow the above tips, but in a reasonable way. Don’t try to put as much information as you can. Instead put less but effective. Excessive information will just confuse your visitors. Help them to direct the ultimate goal; that is to purchase your product.



Put easy steps. Guide customers in each step. Be kind and wise. Earn their trust. Ensure them about the price and quality, and finally help them to buy your product.

So, these are the easiest, but smartest things you have to do for an effective online marketing. Follow the rules, estimate the difference!

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