All you need to know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization

By: Dr. Ali Sheikhzadeh

This world is a world of information. Everyday new information is published on websites with incredible speed. It also creates variety of services. The question is that how can we get the information we needed?!
You should use search engines. Search engines gather and process the information from all websites, then directed you to what you need. Now as the owner of a website, you should check out lists of search engines to see where you are located. Having top ranking or located at the top of these lists, lead to more visitors and greater success in domestic and international markets.
There are ways to reach top ranking with the help of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. They are free of charge. It’s not easy to reach top ranking in search engines. Knowledge, experience and patience are required. SEO is the knowledge of web preparation for appropriate presence in search engines. It also increases users. In online marketing, SEO is special, valuable and vital. Today, SEO is known as a lucrative and important job.

What does SEO means?

SEO means “Search Engine Optimization”, the creation of web pages for search engines. These web pages should be attractive and glamorous. Optimization of web pages means you should have the most score in the results of search engines, like Google. In Iran, most of the internet users, using Google and yahoo search engines.
The point is that the just look at only the first page of search results, so for having high traffic, especially on Google, your site should be located on the first page of search results. SEO advises technical ways such as “Page Title”, “Tags”, “Meta Tags”, “Keywords”, “Phrase Keywords” and “Webpage Content”.

Types of SEO Methods:

Natural Methods (Free)

These methods are free. Search engines find your site and based on their criteria; process and save and classify it. These sites are user-friendly, mainly because they rank based on good content and intrinsic value.

Commercial Methods

These methods are known as “Search Engine Marketing“. In these ways you pay money, and then your web name and its information will be shown in commercial parts of search results.
Each of the above methods has their application. Natural methods need more patience, because SEO is a long term process, but in commercial methods, without any activity you pay the money and then your information will be shown on the first page of users search results.

Do you need SEO?

In fact, any website which has a commercial activity, it’s necessary to optimize its web pages for search engines. The goal of any website is to attract internet users. Researches show that most of internet users have found their favorite website thorough search engines. SEO will introduce you in the market in a best way.

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Methods to increase ranking in search results list:
1. Establishing more links.
2. Smart contents.
3. Standardization of links.

Example of standardization:

• Type links with lowercase.

• Add the root directory to the end of domain name.

• Remove name of files’ index of domain name.

• Remove default port number of domain name.

• Remove “www” of the first domain name.

• Remove parts which have dots. ( . . . )…/a/b/…/c/./d.html

• Remove default variables.
Types of SEO Techniques:

Black Hat

These techniques are trying to increase ranking thorough deceive search engines. The point is that if search engines recognize that a website used “Black Hat”, remove it from list and if not recognized, the website can increase its ranking greatly in a short time.

White Hat

Some people use legal techniques to increase their ranking. These people are known as “White Hat”. These techniques are approved and free of charge. You should be patient to see the results. In fact, SEO is a long term process to get the best result.

Gray Hat

It’s a technique between Black Hat and White Hat. The extents of these methods are not much higher than the other two methods. Like “Purchasing Links”. It means that you pay to websites that have a high ranking then they give you a link to your website.

SEO Steps on a website

• Research and evaluation.
• Report of the researches.
• Optimize the reports.
• Register website on search engine or request for new process.
• Review the results; they will be used in next stages.


10 Tips to increase SEO ranking

1. Optimizing web title.
2. Optimizing web specifications.
3. Use Heading tags appropriately.
4. Optimizing images.
5. Optimizing links.
6. Having site map.
7. Optimizing web content.
8. Establishing more links.
9. Participating in social websites.
10. Optimizing animated files created with FLASH technology.

SEO is a technical method. To get the best result, you should be patient. Try to use White Hat techniques more and if you don’t get result, wait and continue optimization processes.
Certainly, you will not reach high ranking in a few days, you should do study and research and review important factors in increasing ranking and identifying competitors. Do from now. Find keywords of your web and based on user’s interests and popular phrases, start optimization.

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